Edison: a new play         
by Joshua Walker

directed by Sandy d’Oria
lighting and video by Bryan Schall

Gershman Hall
Black Box Theater
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 2017

choreography // Hannah Sandler
music composition // Kirstyn Ballard
dramaturg // Melissa Treshock
set design // Ciara Wright + Raquel Cannon
ccostume design // Alix Johnson
props design // Shaelyn Weatherup
sound design // Kevin Foley + Che Ramirez
"Shaft" videography // Emily Angelluci
additional animation // Haley Monson
photos // Paolo Nogureas + Cass Meehan

–––Edison served as my senior thesis at the University of the Arts. The three-act cross experimental play launches two scientific giants into a new light: Nikola Tesla, the troubled genius and fallen inventor whose patents and inventions now worth billions were stolen from under him, and Thomas Edison, the famous inventor and infamous crook who coordinated the entire slandering attack but to this day gets all the credit.

Berlin, Germany
© 2023 Bryan Schall