directed by Rebecca Scott 
by Charlie Dupré
video design by Julia Patey
video engineering by Bryan Schall
Platypus Theater
Touring Production
October 2021-2022

This multimedia production connects the online and offline world. iTalk addresses issues of racism, gender identity and white fragility and shows how young people can learn about themselves and others in the process of developing their identity and taking responsibility for their own education.

The video design incorperated 2 wireless video feeds, collected and programmed through QLab via NDI.

photos // Mayra Wallraff

performance // Adrian Blount and Josh Spriggs
concept // Anja Scollin und Rebecca Scott
director // Rebecca Scott
writer // Charlie Dupré
dramaturgy // Makisig Akin, An*dre Neely  und Fiona Power Klassen
associate // director Holly Barnard
production manager // Anja Scollin
costume & drops designer // Marjan Boukes
composer/dound designer // Rob Atkinson
lightning design // Claudine Castay
stage designer // Leif-Erik Heine
video designer // Julia Patey
voice Actor // George P. Scott
screen actor // Judith Shoemaker
graphic designer // Diana Zhang
videographer // Pius Okaba

Berlin, Germany
© 2023 Bryan Schall